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. outraged. that's texas representative sheila jackson lee unbelievably with all that's been going on at theseton hall meetings, taking a call on her cell phone while one of her constituents is trying to ask her a question. she told the woman in the audience, go ahead, i can hear you, while she is talking and listening on the phone. we are going to play that whole incident for you, the entire thing in just a minute so you can see it for yourself and judge it for yourself. that's important. >>> watch this. the bottom of the screen. this is in missouri. we were critical of this woman when this happened. it happened while we were on the air. it happened right during this hour. we heard senator claire mccaskill at the time immediately tell us that the woman was wrong to have brought a poster against the rules that were established at the meeting. everyone was told not to have signs or posters. we are getting another perspective as we watch this video now. watch as the man comes in and rips it out of her hands and then she is taken away there. we are going to show you that again in just
. sheila jackson lee is here trying to explain this video. she went on her cell phone while a woman was asking a question. the congresswoman is here, where she apologize? you will find out. first, arlen specter faced off with more heated constituents at a town hall in pennsylvania. >> it was senator specter ponce's fourth town hall and three days. tenters for risin-- it was sen s fourthr's fourth town hall meet. many people forced their way in and many people chanted. >> what do we want, health care? >> our kids will have a third world country. we will have nothing in this country. they are spending our future. i wanted this stopped. i don't want it 10 years from now. >> this is about america, remember that. >> i don't have insurance but i don't want health care either. >> yes, we will. >> no, you won't. >> talk to us that don't have health care. >> this is taking away our freedom of choice. the people said that we could have freedom of choice, where is our choice in this? >> a lot of passion although here we saw something that we have not seen before and that is a strong showing fr
, buddy. bret: thank you so much, carl. see you then. sheila jackson lee is being criticized for ignoring a questioner at a town hall meeting tuesday in order to talk on a cell phone. a woman who identified herself as a cancer survivor is asking the question here and the congress wol, you see, is busy with a call. several people in the audience jeered jackson lee at this point. >> people in the room are upset that shes was taking a phone call and the lady behind me told congresswoman jackson lee that she was being very rude, to which the congress woman snapped back when she walked by that woman, "and by the way, i am not rude." she said she could multi-task. bret: congresswoman jackson lee told fox news that she was taking a return call from the house healthcare hotline with answers to questions about the issue. so is the president losing the public on healthcare reform? the fox all-stars give us their opinions, next. well if you're hurt and can't work it pays you cash... yeah to help with everyday bills like gas, the mortgage... ...and groceries. it's like insurance for daily living. so.
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politicians at town halls this week. but this morning, texas representative sheila jackson lee took the disrespect to a new level, making a cell phone call while a cancer survivor asked a question. in this video, you can sele raising the phone to her ear and lowering it back down again. i think blatant disregard like that is a first, it didn't go unnoticed. take a look at how people in the audience reacted, this video has been circulating on youtube all day. >> [beep] >> seriously. really? come on. >> it's ok. >> if our conscience allow, congress' conscience allows them to -- do you think that -- sean: the congresswoman said she merely dialed president obama's health care hotline to get an answer for her constituents that sounds like she came really prepared. joining me to discuss all of this is author of "the culture of corruption" are which remains number one on "the new york times" list, michelle malkin is back with us. i don't know what's wrong, saying people are un-american, saying they have swastika, or that reaction, it tells a lot. >> it is a teachable moment, to borrow pres
last call. one more quick round before we turn out the lights. sheila jackson lee caused a firestorm when she was caught on her cell phone at a town hall meeting while a woman was trying to ask her a question. we might know who she was talking to. steven colbert has the scoop. taking its rightful place in a long line of amazing performance machines. this is the new e-coupe. this is mercedes-benz. so? mmmm ok. you were right. these healthy choice fresh mixer thingys, they taste fresh... say it again! what? say it like, "mmmm, these healthy choice fresh mixers taste freshh!!" they taste fresh... wait. what are you doing? got it. you're secretly taping me? you were good too! but you know, it wasn't a secret to us, we knew... yes, but it was a secret to me. of course, otherwise i would be sitting like this and completely block his shot. so that's why i was like... didn't you notice this was weird? no. they taste fresh because you make them fresh. healthy choice fresh mixers. in the soup or pasta aisle. you all want to run your businesses more efficiently, so we've brought in a team of ex
on youtube, more town hall trouble. a cancer survivor is addressing representative sheila jackson lee when she begins talking on herself on. she defended the move. >> it was not disrespectful, because i was speaking -- seeking information for the very town hall i was then. -- i aws in. -- i was in. >> we cannot guarantee your protection, you must leave. you do not know these people. >> it is the latest drama playing out and town halls across the country. opponents of the plan began airing this ad in 20 states. >> it means lower costs, a cap on out of pocket expenses. >> those supporting it launched their own with the white house hardly standing on the sidelines. it is releasing an e-mail hoping to flood in boxe with its power of persuasion. while some are still feeling the heat -- >> nobody is forcing anybody to be in the plan. >> others are applying it. >> any bill that spends more on health care is a failure. >> to the president will have another chance to push as points this weekend. >>> a man outside yesterday's town hall meeting was questioned by secret service because of a s
jackson lee was supposed to be listening to our constituents. >> when a cancer survivor and the mother of three stood up to ask a question, the congresswoman's phone rang and she took the call. steve: tracy miller joins us from houston. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: this is a big hit on youtube and elsewhere pretty revealed that you were a cancer survivor. in the middle, she took a phone call. how did that make you feel? >> like she was not listening. i know i cannot listen to my kids when i'm on the phone. she could not have possibly heard what i said. alisyn: what was happening in the room? we see a picture of you trying to ask a question. the congresswoman takes a phone call to people in the room say seriously? tell us what the mood onwas. >> people in the room were upset that she was taking a phone call to the lady behind me told congresswoman jackson lee that she was being very rude. the congresswoman's snapped back when she walked by the woman. she said she could multitask. steve: schhe said in a newspaper today that she had called in to a health-care hot li
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by congresswoman sheila jackson lee, a woman who claimed to be a doctor stood up in praise of health care reform. >> i know i'm a general practitioner. >> she is a primary care physician. i love her. [applause] >> how long have you been practicing? >> four years. sean: don't be fooled. that woman is no doctor. the blog corresponded with her and she admits she lied at the event and she tried to explain herself. the blog revealed that the woman was a delegate for obama in 2008. politico.com looked at all of his speeches delivered by the president since he took office and counted the number of times he has used certain words. he has said health more than the words, iraq, iran, afghanistan and terrorism combined. here are the specifics. out of over 670,000 words reviewed, president obama has said america 3,000 time, change, 700 times and afghanistan and iraq were uttered less than 400 times. i guess protecting the homeland is a part-time job. >> now it's time for great moments in liberal foreign policy. sean: and tonight's great moments. iran's presidential elections sparked protests. the iranian pe
sheila jackson lee to the town hall attendee she insulted while talking on the phone during that woman's question. now that town haller, a cancer survivor and single mom is challenging congress lee to a debate. let's take a listen to the challenge tracy issued ton a youtube video. >> this time i think it is even more important that you and other members of congress hear equally from myself and others who believe that hr 3200 is bad for america and why it is bad for america. i would like to invite to you have this dialogue in a public forum or debate which is acceptable to you whoa, tracy girl joins us to tell us more about this video challenge. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: that is brilliant. sheila jackson lee from your district in the houston area she had said well well i'm sorry tracy i hope you will come to a town hall. steve: you turned it around i will come to your town hall but i want to debate the issue. who came up with this idea? >> a friend of mine and myself both were thinking of it when we talked the next day following her interview with greta van susteren w
all of these americans to town hall. greta: i like congresswoman sheila jackson lee. she is going to have to apologize to dig yourself out of this one. she has some explaining to do. i will and butter on tomorrow night. -- i will invite her on tomorrow night. i take it that you oppose the bill. argued in favor of some reform of health care? >> -- are you in favor of some reform of health care? >> yes. we want to lower the cost of health insurance and the cost of health care. we think americans should be able to buy private insurance the same way members of congress can on a national basis. we should do serious tort reform. we can lower the cost of health care and health insurance without introducing a massive new government-run insurance plan that will cost millions and set us up on a pathway of socialized medicine. greta: thank you and good luck. you'll find out who one person is coming up. take a look at this video. would you want to deal with this? the congressman goes on the record next. travel plans has everyone talking. is he planning something? we will ask him. we will ask
at the cell phone town hall hosted by congresswoman sheila jackson lee, a woman who claimed to be a doctor stood up in praise of health care reform. >> i know i'm a general practitioner. >> she is a primary care physician. i love her. [applause] >> how long have you been practicing? >> four years. sean: don't be fooled. that woman is no doctor. the blog corresponded with her and she admits she lied at the event and she tried to explain herself. the blog revealed that the woman was a delegate for obama in 2008. politico.com looked at all of his speeches delivered by the president since he took office and counted the number of times he has used certain words. he has said health more than the words, iraq, iran, afghanistan and terrorism combined. here are the specifics. out of over 670,000 words reviewed, president obama has said america 3,000 time, change, 700 times and afghanistan and iraq were uttered less than 400 times. i guess protecting the homeland is a part-time job. >> now it's time for great moments in liberal foreign policy. sean: and tonight's great moments. iran's presidential e
. at this used in town hall, a cancer survivor told her story while representative sheila jackson lee talked on her cellphone. she says she was just trying to clarify an issue. the white house sent out its own viral e-mail with a point by point explainer. >> it is important to address misconceptions. >> the president may have been busted after saying this at a town hall. aarp would not be endorsing a bill if it was undermining medicare. >> tis>> the issued a statementg it has not endorse the plan, calling the president's remarks inaccurate. they fill an entire ball park, and emotions were also overwhelming. >> new ad campaigns are being unleased today as well, the chamber of commerce opposing the obama plan. the preside's supporters are watching commercials of their own. >> the health-care debate is happening on line in the talk back section of our website. you can go there, reeved -- to lead your -- and leave your comments. >>> temperatures back and 80's, but other warm-up is coming. >> temperatures are where they should be statistically for the month of august. a few showers and storms tod
tomorrow. >> texas congresswoman sheila jackson lee answering the call for healthcare reform, rather answering her cell phone during a town hall meeting. this is video on youtube. a cancer survivor. someone in the crowd can be heard saying, come on, dude. and she isn't even listening. after a vow minutes, the congresswoman hung up and swered the question. >> up next at 6:00, all you can fly, for $600, is jet blue's new deal worth the cash? and dramatic video, a pilot rescued clinging to his crashed plane in the middle of the ocean. as we go to break, the music world saying good-bye to a music legend. inventing the electric guitar as we know it. gibson les paul guitar. the grammy winning musician and inventor brought out the rise of multitrack recordings. in recent years, he still plays some new york city night spots. les paul was 94. >>> we all watched the accident moments after it happened. crystal walker and her friend were both in the car and amazed that total strangers helped. tonight, a gripping account of what it was like to be in the crashed car. >>> crystal says a lot of peo
's not a doctor. now at the cell phone town hall hosted by congresswoman sheila jackson lee, a woman who claimed to be a doctor stood up in praise of health care reform. >> i know i'm a general practitioner. >> she is a primary care physician. i love her. [applause] >> how long have you been practicing? >> four years. sean: don't be fooled. that woman is no doctor. the blog corresponded with her and she admits she lied at the event and she tried to explain herself. the blog revealed that the woman was a delegate for obama in 2008. politico.com looked at all of his speeches delivered by the president since he took office and counted the number of times he has used certain words. he has said health more than the words, iraq, iran, afghanistan and terrorism combined. here are the specifics. out of over 670,000 words reviewed, president obama has said america 3,000 time, change, 700 times and afghanistan and iraq were uttered less than 400 times. i guess protecting the homeland is a part-time job. >> now it's time for great moments in liberal foreign policy. sean: and tonight's great moments. iran's
. it was great. it was unscripted. it was almost a pure moment. sheila jackson lee connecting with regular working people, and a doctor, no less. you know, that's what town halls are about, not this conjured up hired activist g.o.p. fake angry yelling thing. what is it they were calling it, again? oh, yeah, i remember, astroturf. that's it. that's crazy. when i first saw this video, i was so moved by the concern of this obviously amazing physician. i thought, you know what? she's only been a physician for four years. she might be struggling. i don't know. she says they're a dying breed. maybe i should recommend her to my friends in texas. they tried looking her up and i had a hard time finding her. she was really tough to find, really, really tough, very. almost like she wasn't really a doctor tough. as it turns out, she's not a doctor, no. she's not listed in the medical records or the texas board or anything. she made it up. sheila gave her that big old spontaneous hug. what are the odds? anywho, since roxana is not a doctor, she is not as busy as a doctor really is, i wondered what does
a little bit of a democratic town hall. are remember this from sheila jackson lee? here she appears to be talking on her cell phone as a constituent was asking her a really important question during the town hall meeting. she said she was actually calling into a healthcare hotline to better help her constituents. i talked to, ann, and i talked to her about this incident. listen to this. >> i have not seen the tape. i think it might have been a little doctored, because i don't recall being on with her, but i will tell you that i was utilizing a hotline in order to be able to give the best information i could that has been set up to help us know line and verse, but more importantly, it wasn't a call that i took. it was a call that i specifically made to be helpful, and i was engaged. if you look at that tape, i'm told, i didn't see it, my hands were pointing out. i was engaged, not in the back room, not with my back turned. eric: i went on to i beg to differ with her being engaged, that maybe she was more engaged with her cell phone call. is this just the democrats being completely ou
the rounds. sheila jackson lee on a cell phone at a town hall meeting as a cancer survivor was asking a question. someone was heard saying she's not even listening. she said she was not taking a call, she was calling a congressional hot line with answers to health care questions. joining us now, candy crowley, tom foreman and joe jackson. it certainly looks leak a literal representation of the common complaint which you've no doubt heard. you've been at these town hall meetings that members of congress aren't listening to their constituents' complaints. >> i see a political ad coming with that. it's emblem attatic, something people can use for campaign purposes. i think i've heard probably at every town hall meeting i was at yesterday, there were four of them, i heard one person say to iowa senator chuck grassley, we don't know what's going on. we don't feel as if anyone is listening to us. it's a common complaint, i have to say. people always feel that representatives of congress don't listen to people like them as they say. the fact of the matter is that right now, the passions are
the video of sheila jackson lee? >> well, i have seen a lot of video of sheila jackson lee. what is this? >> well, we found some video. got that elvis hair. >> a hair cut might be nice. that would be one step in the right direction. >> sheila jackson lee is having a town hall meeting. she is sitting there talking on the phone. a person is asking her a question. this is like what seems like the beginning of this thing. believe it or not, we are watching her on the phone, right? there is a woman asking her a question about health care. it seems on its face to be very -- well, yeah. thanks, angie. rude. i am trying to find the words. >> rude, awkward? >> it is not awkward. i tell this to my kids all the time, stop texting or get off the phone when your mother or father or an adult is talking to you. that's not something you want to do. at the very least, its improper telephone etiquette. >> what was the question? what's the full scoop? >> the question doesn't come into play. it was a fair question that was being asked of her of someone who wanted to know more about health care and was askin
heading into 2010 elections. megyn: thank you. bill: we have this story about sheila jackson lee speaking at her home town in houston. she entered her cellphone while a constituent was asking a question about health care. you can hear other listeners in the room slightly stunned. >> simply because you think it is good for america, then -- ok. >> seriously, really? come on. dude. >> if congress allows them -- bill: she did hang up the phone, but we understand that she also spoke with the congresswoman after the meeting. it was bad form. it was not like she totally ignored this woman, who by the way is a cancer survivor who was on fox news earlier this morning. i do not know how long she was standing there, but it was not nearest thing in the world. megyn: if i was on the receiving end of that, i would have said, here i am. it is like when you go to the store to buy something and then the phone rings and they keep talking for five minutes. i am right here! one of our viewers said that she stayed at that town hall until 1:00 in the morning to talk to constituents. bill: your privacy and heal
a distraction. but what sheila jackson lee has done is not because sheila jackson lee has a consistent history of serving her constituents. >> okay. >> and i served that lady by having a town hall meeting that she could come to in the middle of the day. >> i get it. >> i look forward to working with you. >> we are out of time. congresswoman, very courageous of you to come on. i know it's a difficult thing. wolf blitzer is standing by. he, too, will be covering stories like this in "the situation room." >>> rick, thank you. happening now, something the white house is doing raising some eyebrows out there. it involves health care reform and possibly your e-mail inbox. >>> a convicted bomber seeks mercy. he's in prison for a notorious terrorist act, the bombing of pan am flight 103, killing a lot of americans. now outrage. he may soon be set free after serving only about eight years. >>> and plane down. it ditches in the middle of the sea, and a pilot stands on the plane as it sinks. you might not believe what happened next. one witness said, and i'm quoting now, i thought i'd witnessed death. i'
him anywhere. the nurse that treated jackson, cherilyn lee. she told "360" jackson begged her for propofol so he could sleep. her spokesperson told us they had no idea her name was in the search warrant but is chaoticing with investigators. >> the other big news you got word that the autopsy was delayed again. what is going on? >> i spoke to the source who told me the coroner's office met with the los angeles police department and the district attorney's office and made what he called a joint decision to delay the release of the autopsy and the toxicology report indefinitely. all parties agreed to that because they need more time to gather information. they are working on what my source called follow up. i asked if it is still possible the results may be released last week. the response was "i have no idea." >> do you know what the delay means for dr. murray? he seems to be the central focus of this investigation or the most prominent name bandied about. >> right. i spoke with his office and the spokeswoman wasn't sure what to make of it. if the delay was good or bad. she said
jackson and lee worked so well together. what would've happened, you believe, if stonewall jackson hadn't died when he did? >> you know, -- >> thing start to fall apart. >> because jackson after the valley campaign, he came to fight after the seven days of battle around richmond. and as you know, was mediocre, inconsistent. he fought well at fredericksbu fredericksburg, fighting a defensive fight. chance they'll came along. it was a flank march that lee decided upon was a risky maneuver against an army again about twice his size. it worked. what i think that jackson's attack it pretty much run its course after that first evening. the federalist gathered a huge amount of artillery and was blown away any further attack. so jackson had run his course of there. so he had an inconsistent performance. i think a lot of that gettysburg would have depended on how well rested jackson was. and a lot of intangibles. i think you would have probably performed better than you'll. ewell was not want to take on a lot of responsibility. he was a wonderful subordinate, but not real good when he had to mak
this sheila jackson lee video where she takes the phone call? if there was not blocker who had a camera and put it on my blog and send it out, how many people think that would have been on msnbc? the thing is -- and at the same town hall, a lady happened to be there and she represents herself as a pediatric surgeon, and she was not. if you're going to affect your profession, also affect your name. [laughter] that is a good rule of thumb. the "houston chronicle" put her on the paper and said that she was a pediatric surgeon. there was a blocker pleasant who actually google her and that she had a myspace page. he actually interacted with there and she admitted that she was not a doctor. this is what blockers are doing out in the grass roots. -- bloggers are doing out in the grass roots. they live in houston are wet rubber and they are making a difference. >> they are feeding that information into a talk radio apparatus. we're really starting to work well together. there is no doubt that the liberals will start pushing the fairness doctrine again. >> if people like you, they are with us to
thing we knew for sure is spike lee threw michael jackson a heck of a birthday party. >>> getting set for school today? want those pearly whites? we put teeth whiteners to the test. >>> good morning. i'm megan pringle. >> how are you? >> great, how are you? >> ready to go get them? >> yes. >> let's get some weather with justin berk. >> a lot of tired eyes in baltimore city and baltimore county this morning. you'll feel a little chill in the air. what better way to get back to school? deerpark elementary school in owings mills, good morning, 58 degrees now, winds out of the northwest and that will provide us with the cooler than normal temperatures for at least the next three or four days. as we show you this morning we're under at least partly cloudy skies. there's some showers back to our south and west and clipping southern maryland now. we should remain dry for the day but we're still going to be fighting off some of those clouds. that battle will actually give way to what will be a cooler than normal day. 62 on average this, mo. though some you like owings mills in the 50s. we'll
jackson died, nurse lee says her cell phone rang. >> the person who called, normally set up his apoints and said, mr. jackson needs to see you right away. how soon can you come? i said i'm in florida. and i can't come right now. what is going on. i can hear michael in the background saying, tell her half my body is cold. and half my body is hot. like it's internal. something going on internal. half of me is cold. half of is hot. >> as a nurse practitioner she suspected jackson was experie e experiencing the effects of a drug action on his central nervous system. >> something was totally off. and i didn't know exactly what. i said you need to go to the hospital. >> there is no record of jackson going to the hospital that day. and what medications he may have taken reman a mystery. as does the role of the fi session who was treating jackson in his final days and in fact on the very day he died. dr. conrad murray. coming up -- among many other questions, how closely was dr. murray monitoring michael jackson during his final critical moments? how long between when dr. murrayenered the room
couldn't sleep. >> cherylyn lee is a nurse practitioner working with jacks jackson's children earlier this year when the star himself asked for her help with the sleeplessness. what's the most you ever saw him sleep? >> five hours. >> but five hours wasn't the norm? >> no. no. most -- when i watched him sleep, when i stayed overnight, it was just three hours. he jumped upf ater three hours. >> she says she checked jackson's bedroom in the rented mansion where he was ving and found it was too brightly lit, there was too much noise in the room because of the music jackson constantly played, and that the star drank too much caffeinated diet soda. but that wasn't the type of relief michael jackson was looking for. >> well, the night that he woke up after sleeping just three hours he was extremely tired. and because there had been a rehearsal. he said i am just tired. and i want something, i want the diprivan. >> you didn't know what the drug was? >> no. i had never heard of it. >> diprivan is brand name for propofol, a drug few had heard of before the case. a powerful anesthetic only used
by filmmaker spike lee. he directed two music videos for jackson in 1996 and says he loved his talent. >> michael influenced all aspects of music. so, evidence touched by the many testimonials of people, who spoke with the heartfelt feelings after michael's death. >> celebrations were worldwide, actually, because fans danced in the streets of paris and moscow. celebrations included a choreo graphed dance organized by fans. >>> three boaters in texas safe at home after they were missing in the gulf of mexico for a week. they were found saturday on top of their capsized boat 180 miles from land. the coast guard called off the search this past friday but a passing boater saw something while fishing last night. >> i got the binoculars out. said somebody is standing up there flagging us. a white flag. turned out it was a t-shirt. they jumped in the boat. there was no help. they jumped in. >> none of the men were seriously injured but were dehydrated and hungry. the captain of that fishing boat took home video of the three men as they recovered and called home on cell phones to say they we
about the death of michael jackson. taking lee's call in south carolina. hi, lee, go ahead. >> caller: hi, mike. >> hey, lee. >> caller: if michael jackson was taking propofol at night to sleep, i'd like to know why the doctor was giving it to him in the morning around 10:00. >> well, the time -- here's, take this one sleep with medications. but on the day he died beginning until finally giving him propofol at 10:40 in the morning and he told authorities, dr. murray, that michael jackson was begging and he finally gave it to him. thanks for the call there, leigh, clear thing is up for all of our viewers. anne bremner's with us, an attorney. as we look at that -- i'm looking at some kind of defense in there for dr. murray. i'm just not seeing it. are you? >> the only defense is not going to work, which is that he was an addict and somehow led to his own demise. but the fact of the matter is the key word, mike, is lethal. lethal dosage of propofol. and the fact is you can't administer it in the home like this. and by the way, you don't sleep on it. you're unconscious. jackson was killed
him anywhere. and the nurse that treated jackson for a few months, cherilyn lee, mention in there as well. jackson begged her for propofol, the sedative reserved for hospital use so he could sleep. they had no idea her name was in the search warrant but is cooperating with investigators. >> you got word today from your sources the autopsy was delayed yet again. this time indefinitely. what's going on? >> reporter: that's what we're trying to figure out. i spoke to the source who knows about the autopsy who told me the coroner's office met yesterday with the los angeles police department and district attorney's office and made a joint decision to delay the release of the autopsy and toxicology report indefinitely. all parties agreed to that, i'm told, because they need more time to gather information, go through medical records. they're still looking at follow-up. i asked if the results may be released next week. the response was, quote, i have no idea. >> do we know what the delay means for dr. conrad? i mean for dr. murray? clearly at this point it seems to be the centra
when we're in the middle of tough issues and absolutely not. >> all right. sheila jackson-lee responding. >> i'm sorry. >> did i interrupt you? >> i'm sorry. >> that was a bad moment t. i also think anchors need to calm down, too. i'm jauss just saying. >> watch what you say about rick sanchez. >> i love rick sanchez. here with us now editorial writer for "the washington post" and msnbc contributor jonathan capehart. jonathan, great to have you back on the show. >> good morning. >> thank you, good morning. hi, everybody. >> let's do some op-eds. >> all right. >> paul krugman has an interesting one. republican death trip. he says, yes, the smear continues to spread and as the example of mr. gingrich shows it's not a fringe phenomenon. senior gop figures including so-called moderates have endorsed the lie. senator chuck grassley, of course we played that sound bite yesterday, republican of iowa, is one of the supposed moderates. i'm not sure whether his centrist reputation comes from -- he did compare critics of the bush tax cuts to hitler but in any case his role in the health
are found out that she led jackson lee -- that she was not a pediatric surgeon. get your facts straight. stay aggressive. be on the offense. we are winners here. keep that win psychology. and my last point is to thank you for being here and to think americans for prosperity and their foundation, the activists out there making a difference. i think it is working. keep up the work, keep up the fight, thank you, god bless you. [applause] >> harnden speaker is the senior political adviser of americans for prosperity foundation in new jersey. please welcome steve lonagaegan. >> thank you, everybody. yet as a placid at here from new jersey. and all of you who came with me. my background, we have had some really outstanding speakers. i come from a basic background, i was at capt. maker for 20 years. i started my business in 1980. if you remember that year, coming off of jimmy carter, unemployment was around 9%, the economy was in the tank, it seemed hopeless for america, we seem to be losing our position in the world. but we had this to president named ronald reagan. he came into office with t
on around the world for michael jackson's birthday. find out how director spike lee honored the late king of pop. . >>> on what would have been the 51st birthday of michael jackson, thousands of his fans marked the anniversary by dancing. they danced for a celebration hosted by spike lee. lee conducted two videos in 1996 and loved his talent. >> mike influenced all aspects of music, so it's evidence, you know, touched by the many testimonials of people in the hip-hop world who spoke with the heart felt feeling after michael's death. >> jackson fans also danced in the streets of paris and looks like they were having a lot of fun. the celebrations included a choreographed dance by a flash mob organized by the fans. >>> a live look at the inner harbor. susan will be back with a final forecast up next. your pet makes lots of friends. but there's one little friend you don't want him to meet. the flea. just one in your home can turn into thousands-fast, infesting carpets, furniture, even your bed. to stop an infestation, ask for frontline plus. it quickly kills fleas, their eggs, and larvae-ev
spike lee hosted the celebration. he directed two of michael jackson's videos. rob malcolm has more on the birthday bash in brooklyn. [ music ] >> reporter: under gray skies, thousands packed prosperity park. it was michael jackson's birthday party hosted by spike lee. >> it's not just a brooklyn thing, it's happening for everybody. i know people that have come from toronto, bc, d.c., connecticut, virginia. >> reporter: the hordes of fans, some young and some old, were feeling the music. [ music ] >> reporter: the king of pop would have been 51 years old today. his music crossed generations of fans. some were disappointed his comeback tour will never happen. >> everyone in england is still so devastated but the music lives on. so he left us all a wonderful gift and that can never be taken away. >> what is your favorite song? >> abc, 123. [ music ] >> reporter: august 29th was declared michael jackson day. >> all of us will agree michael jackson will go down as one of the greatest gifts of music that the united states game to the world. >> reporter: tracy morgan wowed the crowd. >> h
the nurse practitioner, cherilyn lee. she's the woman who claims that michael jackson was begging her for the drug propofol. >> let me clarify. you're saying they were looking for any correspondence related to those people or did they find correspondence related to those people? >> they were looking for it. it's not clear if they found it, but they were looking for any correspondence with michael jackson or any of those aliases as well as the doctors i just mentioned. >> of course, the timeline on the day michael jackson died extremely crucial. let's listen to the personal chef who was there that day. >> around 12:00, 12:10, dr. murray comes running down the stairs and into the kitchen stairwell into the kitchen. he comes into the kitchen screaming, hurry, go get prince, go get security. dr. murray is screaming something may be wrong with your dad. we're all panicking and wondering what's going on. paris is screaming and crying daddy, daddy, daddy. i'm driving in my car. i hear on knx, mr. jackson is pronounced dead. >> dr. kerry peterson. internal medicine, lennox hill hospital, than
guys see the sheila jackson lee phone call on tv? how many of you think if there wasn't a blogger that have this sent out, how many of you think this would be on cnn or nbc? and then in the same town hall there was elated that happen to be there and she represents herself as a pediatric surgeon, and she wasn't. and if you are going to fake your profession, also fake your name. that is a good rule of thumb. the houston chronicle ran with the story. they put her in the story and said she was a pediatric surgeon. there was a loggerbl aogg blogg there who interacted with her, and she admitted she was not a doctor. this is what they're doing it at the grass roots. these are people who live wherever and they are making a difference. >> sometimes they are feeding that information into a talk radio. there is no doubt the left will start pushing the fairness doctrine again. >> the important take away from what you both said it is people like you here who were with us today, are the ones that will go out and do this today. you cannot do this from washington d.c.. it issue from washington d.
are listed in here and that also explains why his offices were a focus most recently. also, michael jackson's nurse cherilyn lee, we have spoken to her on msnbc and i have spoken to her personally a number of times. she's listed in here that michael said she was giving him, quote, a cocktail. i don't know what that means. i called her and asked her to explain that in a little more detail, but murray is now saying this is what michael jackson told me. this is the information i was given, and so the fact that he was given this information that somebody was giving him a cocktail that helped him feel better does make you realize dr. murray was asking questions along the way. however, he might have been satisfied with answers that were not particularly specific because based on the specifics he does offer in this affidavit, it's surprising that he would leave such things so open-ended. another interesting point in the document, it does say that dr. murray did begin to administer cpr to michael jackson and at one point left the room mid-cpr. he said he needed to get some help from michael's secur
be right now without cherilyn lee to tip us off to what michael jackson might have been begging for here? >> there's no question that she re-directed all of the attention to this specific drug diprivan. because no one had ever heard of its use outside of a clinic, and certainly nobody had heard of its use with regard to michael jackson. i can't say when dr. murray allegedly told the cops, or admitted to them that he administered propofol. i suspect it may have been after cherilyn lee came forward, because they may have redirected the line of questioning. but clearly, she is the unsung hero in this investigation. she came forward. she had the character to say no, this is not proper to give this drug. and she stood up to michael jackson's request as apparently many doctors have not in the past. a lot of doctors have given him drugs, and we've seen it over the past. and that's clearly what the investigators are looking for. it's not just the death investigation, they're lookinging over years now of alleged drug abuse. i suspect even after the death investigation is concluded, you're going t
. general oliver o. carl thought thomas not only greater than stonewall jackson and robert e. lee but washington's equal. with less opportunity he wrote his achievements put him by washington side. bike that he meant that thomas had accomplished all he had without advantage of being in supreme command. joseph in the last letter he ever wrote called thomas the most gifted soldier america had ever known. general james stedman called him the noblest figure of the war. general car fields opinion, the military genius of thomas equal that displayed by washington zachary taylor and the duke of wellington which was quite a triumphant. none of these were of the kind. they were heartwrenching and hartsfeld. win gideon wells, lincoln secretary of the navy, the family met thomas after the war he fought him intellectually and as a civilian as well as a military man as he put it, equal exceeded by none. major don fiat, judge advocate in the celebrated treason trial of general don carlos buell wrote, grant felt uneasy and ashamed in the presence of thomas and both grant and sherman were troubled
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